Viva VHS!

As Blu-ray, VOD, your TiVo, Hulu, and YouTube-streaming iPhones push old technologies further into obsolescence, now may be the last chance to celebrate the humble video cassette tape, which revolutionized home viewing during the ’80s. The humble, durable, half-inch magnetic medium is the subject of NWFF’s Viva VHS! tribute, sure to include found-footage oddities along with selections from the vaults of Scarecrow Video. The knowledgeable staff will play selections from the vaults of their store, founded long, long before the advent of DVD. Back in ’88, when Scarecrow took its present name, Cocktail, Big, and Rain Man dominated the box office. But we’re guessing tonight will feature more obscure stuff from that year (and others) that requires the touch of the rewind button when it’s done. (Ah, the tactile pleasures of nostalgia.) Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten about Phantasm II already? With an early role for James LeGros? Wait, I’m sure I’ve got my copy lying around here someplace… BRIAN MILLER

Sat., Aug. 8, 9 p.m., 2009

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