A Shot in the Dark: Get Tanked by the Tank

And find free music at the Triple Door.

Fish tanks and drinking don't go together in this city as often as they should. Tanks are usually found only in restaurants in the International District, and contain the meal you're about to eat. But inside the Musicquarium Lounge at the Triple Door, patrons get to look at one as they sip highbrow drinks and listen to music. The happy-hour scene at the Musicquarium is packed with downtown employees doing the white-collar shuffle of schmoozing, drinking, and flirting while the bar plays Top 40. According to a bartender I chatted with on a recent visit, that scene is at its thickest during the fall and winter months, as people prefer to be outdoors on patios in the summer. Hence in August the late-night happy hour is where it's at. From 9 p.m. 'til midnight, they've got DJs spinning hip-hop, world grooves, and dance music. Last week, people spilling out of the Triple Door's Tinsley Ellis concert could be found jamming to Kanye West, Doctor Dre, and MSTRKRFT as DJs Juice and Soul Patch set up a whopping five turntables and started moving butts. If the goal is to get people drinking and dancing, the Triple Door succeeds. And since the fish in the giant aquarium aren't on the menu, I'm guessing they're having a good time as well. 

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