With their hacked Nintendo Entertainment System consoles and Gameboys belching out squelchy, speedy soundwaves, New York City quartet Anamanaguchi is at the front lines of the 8-bit/chiptune musical movement. But they separate themselves from the pack by incorporating traditional rock instruments as well, creating hyperkinetic art-punk from the collision of guitars and programmed sequences. Think Weezer crossed with the Legend of Zelda soundtrack gone haywire, all accompanied by crazy projected visuals. Using unstable vintage gear live onstage could make the whole thing melt down, but as Anamanaguchi founder Peter Berkman recently told me, “I used to be into punk music, and the whole ‘leaving it up to the wind’ or whatever -- I’m way down with that. If it fucks up then who cares, we’ll play the next song, and if it all fucks up, we’ll figure something out.” With the Keeper, Leeni, Mobile Slaughter Unit. (Photo courtesy Marjorie Becker.) MICHAEL ALAN GOLDBERG

Thu., Sept. 3, 9 p.m., 2009

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