Woven Hand

Friday, September 4

One of the coolest things about Scott Walker is how the dude has actually gotten weirder with age. Most artists, as you surely know, do the exact opposite: as more and more grey sprouts form their scalps, they retreat to the familiar, safe and comfortable. Another musician who has beaten the odds is David Eugene Edwards. Compare just about any release from his band 16 Horsepower to his more recent work under the moniker Woven Hand. The differences are astounding. The former more or less specialized in ’90s-flavored alt-rock steeped in twang. The latter, meanwhile, is all about Edwards filtering Americana through creepy goth, industrial, art song, Brit folk, ambient weirdness and even touches of Native American music. So yeah, do not miss this show. Edwards is a true visionary. With the Pill Thief, the Bad Things.

Fri., Sept. 4, 9 p.m., 2009

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