A Shot in the Dark: Midnight Mahalo

Yeah, it’s Belltown.

'Ohana has a tendency to get overly crowded on weekend evenings. On its worst nights, it's not just "Excuse me, can I squeeze by you" packed, but rather Times Square-on-New Year's Eve packed. On one hand, that speaks to the popularity of the Belltown-based sushi bar and restaurant. But if big crowds in tight spaces aren't your thing, showing up on a weeknight is preferable. Although the bar has a strong Hawaiian and Japanese theme, visible in the decor and on the menu, 'Ohana typically attracts a pan-Asian crowd that just wants to have a good time and let loose. There's usually a DJ spinning Top 40 or reggae, and they typically find a way to make sure the music has an island feel to it (except for Sundays, that is, when karaoke reigns supreme). On the night the Blue Scholars hosted a semi-impromptu EP release party, the line wrapped halfway down the block. Regulars seemed a bit put off by all the activity, as did one of the bartenders, snatching drinks away from people who weren't even finished. The rest of the staff was far friendlier. This is Belltown, after all. They should be used to such a frenzy. 

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