Saturday, September 12

Contrary to popular opinion, not all noise-based music is created equal. Sure, Los Angeles art-spaz quartet Health sounds – and looks – like it's having a collective seizure onstage, but the band also elevates chaos into a refined, almost symphonic art. And even while Health scrapes your face raw with blasts of funnel-cloud guitars and keyboards, the band's execution betrays the grace that ultimately makes it so exceptional. Don't make the mistake of pigeon-holing Health with other, less imaginative purveyors of dance beats and Nintendo-core bleeps. Health does touch on those things, but the strength of its writing – the strength and uniqueness of its identity – refuses to succumb to easy categorization. With Past Lives, Picture Plane, Pregnant. All ages.

Sat., Sept. 12, 7:30 p.m., 2009

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