Super Geek League

Saturday, September 12

Zany performance ensemble Super Geek League emblemizes the term spectacle. “Head geek” Floyd McFeely has assembled an eleven-piece band specializing in thrash alternative rock that takes each venue they perform at and respectfully destroys it using psychedelic carnival antics and massive amounts of confetti. Super Geek League employs an arsenal of vocalists led by frontwoman Vy Agra, three guitarists, a sizeable horn section, and also, gnomes. Expect screaming, lots of face paint, and a thumping cover of TI’s “What You Know” in addition to songs off their newest release, A Magic Castle Land. If Slipknot and fairies ever procreated, Super Geek League would be their extended family. With Billy the Fridge, Jonny Sonic, Dead Vampires, and hosted by “the world’s worst comic” Psycho.

Sat., Sept. 12, 8 p.m., 2009

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