Hi, This Is Nate Robinson: Wake the Hell Up

The Seattle-bred Knick wants kids to get to school on time.

Seattle native and current New York Knick Nate Robinson—memorably profiled in our April 8 issue by Rafe Bartholomew—is never short on energy. If anything, he errs on the side of hyperactivity. Which makes him an exceptionally good candidate to record wake-up calls for kids who have a hard time dragging themselves out of bed to go to school. So he's recorded nine of them (as part of an Ad Council/U.S. Army campaign), including one in which he impersonates a robot and one in which he entreats the listener to greet the day in his "Medieval Times" accent. But while the messages are intended for schoolkids, anyone can send or receive them, so have at it, Nate fans. (Your number won't go into a database, so you needn't worry about marketing or recruiting calls.) There are worse ways to rise and shine.

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