Bit Saloon Ping-Pong

By night, the Bit Saloon—a two-room dive just shy of the Ballard Bridge—attracts its clientele with a host of cheap libations and local bands. The bar’s best attraction, though, is only out during the day, when the oi! punks are still sleeping off last night's bender: a ping pong table. For those who prefer to imbibe during the daylight hours, there's no better place in Seattle to test your skills with a paddle—or see how many beers it takes to start seeing two little white balls flying at your face instead of one. Just make sure you understand the game first; some of the regulars adhere to tournament rules. (21 and over.) SARA BRICKNER

Starts: July 29. Daily, 4 p.m.-2 a.m., 2009

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