Rose Garden at Elliott Bay Park

It’s the day you’ve been waiting for. Your closest family and friends are gathered, sun-drenched in their finest, inhaling the sweet fragrance of the twin rows of rose bushes. The flower girl, her bow tied just so, swings her petal-filled basket. In the distance, the majestic Olympics hold vigil over the deep, sparkling waters of Elliott Bay, onto which a fireboat shoots a multi-streamed fountain salute. Yet on this, your wedding day, you feel a certain energy welling up within you. Sure, you’re all dressed up. But that’s nothing. To your left are the chin-up bars, the dip bars, the sit-up station, with its green enamel grating and shiny black foothold. And, of course, in the dirt: That rusted old iron dumbell, chained to the wooden pole, its two bulbous ends connected for eternity. A sweet foreboding. It calls you. And you answer. Just ten reps. Just the tip. This is why you chose the Rose Garden at Elliott Bay Park (at Pier 86 at the northern edge of Myrtle Edwards). DAMON AGNOS

Starts: Sept. 16. Daily, 2009

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