"We should be called the Carpenters. This band has led to nothing but construction," laughs Madraso drummer Chris Jager. He and his bandmates, bassist Doug Owen and guitarist/vocalist Jeremy Curls, are downing post-practice cocktails at the Tin Hat in Ballard and talking about building and soundproofing their new practice space, a task they've had to tackle countless times because of repeated moves.

The name may fit metaphorically, but Karen Carpenter and company couldn't be more different from Madraso. As hard as they are heavy, the punk-influenced trio are emblematic of the strain of seismic rock that has slowly come to define Northwest metal. Using tools similar to their like-minded peers Black Elk, Bacchus, and Red Fang, they compose densely, with a fetish for bass lines so thick and brutal they'd overwhelm the rest of the instrumentation if the guitars and percussion weren't so willfully chaotic and unpredictable. For the sort of music fan who loves Shellac as much as Motörhead, Madraso is definitely worth a listen. With Captured by Robots, Warning: Danger! HANNAH LEVIN. Photo courtesy Robert Newell.

Fri., Oct. 2, 9:30 p.m., 2009

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