REVERB Lineup: Mr. Spot’s Chai House

Lady Drama, Heatwarmer, and Kore Ionz.

7:00 p.m. ~ Lady Drama  With a name like Lady Drama, you'd think this would be music made for divas and soon-to-be-ex-girlfriends looking to pick a fight. Instead, this talented quartet of gents (ahem) specializes in rollicking, basement-style indie rock that's perfect for Northwest nights. With a solid following in Ballard already, there's no reason this band shouldn't attract a sizable crowd of folks who like to dance to stay warm, rather than wear extra layers. JONATHAN CUNNINGHAM8:00 p.m. ~ Heatwarmer  If David Byrne and his Talking Heads companions were from Seattle and based in the '00s instead of the '80s, they'd sound a lot like Heatwarmer. The five-piece isn't the least bit predictable onstage, however, switching from Phish-style noodling to Medeski, Martin, and Wood–esque keyboard-heavy songs that focus on the groove more than anything. Lead singer Luke Bergman stretches his voice, and the band's arrangements. Fans of Disco Biscuits shouldn't miss this one. JONATHAN CUNNINGHAM9:00 p.m. ~ Kore Ionz  See feature.

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