REVERB: THEESatisfaction: Unsatisfied Youth

Two of Seattle’s finest female rappers venture down the coast. Maybe.

Rappers and producers are firing on all cylinders in Seattle. Music venues are more receptive than ever, and the creative energy flowing through the rap scene is beyond impressive. Roughly a month and a half ago, it seemed as though the community's only disappointing news was that two of its brightest rising stars might be leaving: Cat and Stasia, the lovable female MCs of THEESatisfaction, began contemplating a move to the Bay Area.Considering the banner year the eclectic duo had here, their fans were sad to hear it. From their first shows in the spring of 2008, they've grown from cute underdogs full of nervous energy to a major draw just featured on MTV's $5 Cover. Their brand of lo-fi, sultry hip-hop has been a welcome addition to the city's testosterone-driven rap scene, and their energy both on and offstage is warming to the soul. Aside from their talent, that they're an openly gay couple who make music together is so far outside rap's norm that you root for them to succeed.But as it happens, they may not be moving after all. "You know, we're just checking things out and experiencing new things; nothing is really set in stone," Cat says via phone from Los Angeles, where the duo is currently crashing. "We're both 23, newly finished with school, and just seeing what the rest of the world is like." Though as we chat they've only been in Los Angeles five days, they've already played two shows, one in South Central and one in Claremont, and are making fast connections. Considering what a concrete jungle L.A.'s music scene can be, it sounds as if they're off to a good start. That's a far better city for them to make an impact in than Oakland, which they were considering, but they're just taking it one day at a time and leaving their options open."We're kind of nomadic right now," Cat continues. "It's all up in the air. But I will say Cali is hella cracking. We've been having hella fun. It's really cool."They've been passing out copies of their latest mixtape, Snow Motion, and getting good responses. Still, their proposed move is on hold. The Bay Area is out. L.A., while fun, is merely an option, and their next big show is here at REVERB."We're coming back," Cat says. "We're hella excited for it, and it's going to be a lot of fun. From there, we'll see what happens."

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