A Shot in the Dark: Saddle Up

You'll surely meet more than one trick at Pony.

The original Pony was a gay disco bar on Pine Street that attracted many $1-Rainier-guzzling "dirt fags," according to one area homosexual, until it was torn down two summers ago to make way for a parking lot. It reopened earlier this month at the intersection of Madison and 12th Avenue, where Acacia Flowers once stood. And like its predecessor, the new Pony strikes a happy medium between dive bar and trendy club. It's packed with gays and hipsters on Saturday night, but the former clearly rule the space, as indicated by the entry stamps that read "queer" and the large sign that declares "Man's Country." A shirtless guy in a sailor cap and booty shorts gallops atop the bar on a stick pony. '70s porn and sex ads ("Dial Dick for 12 inches of conversation!") cover the walls. The hallway leading up to the two bathrooms—labeled "Boys" and "Men"—are plastered with erotic passages ("The head of his cock escaped from the band of his shorts, beckoning me onward...") There's even a seizure-inducing strobe light in the men's room. Pony borders on—no, surpasses—ridiculous, and its crowd wholeheartedly embraces it. When a patron observes that the triangular outdoor deck resembles a ship, his friend quips, "A very gay ship!" To which, of course, a snickering bystander offers the very obligatory "Full of seamen." 

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