Junior Boys

Living in the aftermath of a brilliant single is a tricky corollary of success in the music world. Hot Chip probably felt it after the smashing impact of “Over and Over,” Matt and Kim will feel it after “Daylight,” and Jeremy Greenspan and Matt Didemus of the Junior Boys must have felt it after “In the Morning,” the masterfully infectious hit off of 2006’s So This Is Goodbye. The song’s combination of sharp synthesizers, tense percussion, staccato rhythms and Greenspan’s breathy, sexy vocals won over clubgoers and indie kids alike. It was somewhat of a surprise, then, when the duo’s follow-up, this spring’s Begone Dull Care, seemed to take a step back from all the hype. The record has been criticized for its slower temps and scrupulous attention to detail rather than the energetic melodies of the past two albums, and yet, it’s those careful nuances that make the songs so sleek and impossible to write off. “Work,” for example, is an incredibly sensual song featuring surging layers of sound, including a pulsing synth and Greenspan chanting, “work it, baby, work it.” You’ll be hypnotized within seconds. With Circlesquare. E. THOMPSON

Sat., Oct. 10, 9 p.m., 2009

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