Passion Pit

All right, youthful zeitgeist. We know you. We know you need a new favorite In band every time you turn a corner. We know that by now you’re ready to shelve your Vampire Weekend records. Cue Boston’s Passion Pit, the current musical obsession for all you hip kids. Passion Pit – an exhilarating mishmash of keyboards, drums, samples, more keyboards and lead singer Michael Angelakos’s skyscraping falsetto – fits the bill on every count – they’re cute, they’re catchy, and, yes, they even speak to your souls. Take “The Reeling,” the standout track from the group’s debut album, Manners – it’s an exuberant burst of disco-pop, complete with thumping percussion and flashing synths – close your eyes and you can almost see the strobe light flashing. And with such importunate lyrics like, “Here I am, here I am/ When will someone understand?,” how could it be anything but an anthem for our sentimental youth? And yet the best part of Passion Pit is the agreeable message that comes from matching their pensive lyrics to their glitzy melodies – life is hard, but let’s party anyway. All ages, but SOLD OUT. E. THOMPSON

Sun., Oct. 11, 8 p.m., 2009

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