As evidenced by the sequence of the calendar they’ve borrowed for a band name, the members of dd/mm/yyyy are Canadian. Generally said aloud as “Day Month Year,” the Toronto five-piece makes a habit of pursuing what’s fun, whether or not it’s challenging for listeners. Instruments change hands often, and although genres are resisted at all costs, the band’s frantic, erratic output could loosely be labeled post-punk. This year’s Black Square did well in Canada and was re-released stateside in September by the label arm of Impose Magazine, including a limited run on cassette. Song titles like “Infinity Skull Cube” and “Digital Haircut” point to the band’s devilish glee, but the latter was actually picked for the official single of last summer’s X Games. If a stop-start, metal-damaged oddity can become the temporary theme song of extreme sports, then having an unruly name and sound shouldn’t stop dd/mm/yyyy from steamrollering on to further glory. With These Arms Are Snakes and Constant Lovers. All ages. DOUG WALLEN

Sat., Oct. 17, 7:30 p.m., 2009

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