Sunny Day Real Estate

Any Sunny Day Real Estate fan knows the details already: The Seattle band that launched the ‘90s emo movement has reunited with its original line-up, 15 years after an acrimonious breakup. There's plenty of nostalgic appeal here, particularly for twenty-somethings that loved SDRE as teenagers but never got the chance to the see the band play live. But there's another kind of appeal, too: the curiosity of whether four musicians who once wielded both indie and mainstream musical influence can recreate that magic. It's one thing to hear lead singer Jeremy Enigk return to his trademark scream when singing favorites from Diary and LP2; it's another to see if he can incorporate the prog rock-styled vocals of his solo work into the band's collective songwriting. During recent live shows, SDRE performed a new track, and rumors are now circulating that a new album is in the works. In 1994, SDRE created an entirely original sound—simultaneously aggressive and heartbreaking—musically recreating the sense and feeling of angst. Whatever that new album sounds like—whether it's emo or straight rock or something experimental—it will disappoint if it's anything less than explosive. With the Jealous Sound. All ages. PAIGE RICHMOND

Fri., Oct. 16, 8 p.m., 2009

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