Reggie Watts and Tommy Smith, like most artists today, are seeking the holy grail of “what’s next” in the post-Aristotelian era of storytelling. Their satirical videos (see DumbFilms on Vimeo) spoof conventions from romantic film montages of laughing couples to corporate sponsorship announcements, from superheroes to film noir. In over- or under-dosing us with narrative clichés (e.g., cute or climactic endings), they impugn the concept of audience entitlement. (You want a happy ending? Go rent The Proposal.) Transition, their latest multimedia show, unites “a Monty Python-like comedic sensibility” with video, movement, and some sort of customized live performance technology that’s being coyly kept under wraps. Can you bear not knowing? Both versatile creators have local roots: Watts as a Cornish grad and erstwhile singer for Maktub; Smith, now based in New York, having grown up here and had plays produced at Theater Schmeater and ACT. MARGARET FRIEDMAN

Oct. 15-17, 8 p.m., 2009

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