Karoline Leach’s 2006 romantic thriller, like its caddish seducer of a hero, preys on those who share the faith that people—both the weak and the strong—are basically decent. Accordingly, the reversal-packed Edwardian pas de deux yields its greatest pleasures when the mouse is on top of the cat. Adelaide (winningly underplayed by Emily Chisholm) narrates her wan spinsterish existence in a Cockney accent that belies her intelligence and creative potential. A brooch of questionable value is what draws the attention of con artist George (Brian Claudio Smith), who cynically explains his seduction and fleecing methods in the Queen’s English. But can George bear to let be something good? Can Adelaide tolerate his relentless, seemingly involuntary grandiosity and lies? In the interest of not giving too much away, suffice it to repeat: Things are indeed what we make them. MARGARET FRIEDMAN

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