The Sounds

Swedish synth-poppers the Sounds first burst onto the scene in 2002, proclaiming themselves to be the vanguard of some sort of updated New Wave – everything from the opening riffs of their hit single, “Seven Days a Week,” to lead singer Maja Ivarsson’s CBGB bleached blonde Blondie-redux style. The quintet’s newest album, Crossing the Rubicon, seems to find Ivarsson a bit more serious – she’s gotten some tattoos and toned down her girlish chutzpah – but make no mistake, this is still a straight-up thumping dance record, the kind you are required to groove to when it plays at your friends’ parties. Ivarsson’s vocals still retains that punky ‘80s spirit, keyboards groove along in the background, and the songs are still plenty synth-happy and are punctuated by claps. Live, Ivarsson is a force to be reckoned with – crowd-surfing, swearing and fist-pumping all over the stage. And that’s the type of thing the Sounds bank on – that such energy is infectious. With Semi Precious Weapons and Foxy Shazam. All ages. E. THOMPSON

Tue., Oct. 27, 7 p.m., 2009

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