Times New Viking

Ah, Times New Viking; they haven’t changed a bit. Born Again Revisited may be the Ohio trio’s fourth album, and second for the indie kingpins at Matador, but it’s still a trash-or-treasure pile of absolute no-fi shrillness. Punch-drunk keyboard lines knock against constant squalls of distorted guitar and hoarse boy-girl shouts, while somewhere beneath it all, a drummer pounds out bruised rhythms far past the point of collapse. It’s such a visceral thing, guaranteed to jar awake anyone sleepwalking through indie rock’s more immaculate practitioners. Even though a slew of bands have adopted the “shitgaze” sound or some likeminded permutation in the four short years since Times New Viking crashed onto the scene, they’ve still got the ability to shock us. And yet, as always, there are melodies peeking out everywhere, albeit bleary-eyed and nursing a hangover. Once you realign your senses to fit the band’s brash, reeling output, there’s a certain beauty to so much white noise and buried ambition. With Herr Jazz. DOUG WALLEN

Thu., Oct. 22, 7:30 p.m., 2009

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