Tom Arnold

David Letterman, naturally, put it best when he said: “One thing about Tom Arnold…he’s nuts.” This is true. But he is also very funny, which is something the Iowa native rarely gets credit for. Most famous for being the former Mr. Roseanne Barr, Arnold has made built a career out of playing “the fat white sidekick” in close to 70 movies (True Lies, Nine Months, etc.). This year, however, he decided to return to his roots in stand-up comedy. Anyone who has seen Arnold’s riotous recent appearances on The Late Show and Jimmy Kimmel Live know that his act is basically his life. Expect stories of his wacky family in Iowa, revelations about his married life (four times and counting!), and scandalous tales about his big-shot Hollywood friends, all of it told in a manner so kinetic and jumpy that it makes one thing clear—even in his drug-binge days with Roseanne, Tom Arnold was a tremendous waste of cocaine. BRIAN J. BARR

Thu., Oct. 22, 8 p.m., 2009

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