Glenn or Glennda

Who doesn’t love screaming Misfits lyrics on Halloween night? “I turned into a martian…woah-oh-OH!” “Kennedy’s shattered head hits concrete…run Jackie run.” And everyone’s favorite: “I got something to say…I raped your mother today!” Whether they intended to or not, the Misfits wrote the soundtrack for every PBR-sloshed kegger thrown by punk rockers on October 31, and what better way to celebrate that than a Misfits cover band? Formed by local favorite Bill Bullock, Glenn Or Glenda is Misfits covers done right. Not only do they rage, but they keep the Misfits spirit alive by adding a twist: Each member dresses like the opposite sex. Get it? Glenn or Glennda? Danzig would be proud. With Dead Vampires, Event Staph, Poop Attack. BRIAN J. BARR

Sat., Oct. 31, 9:30 p.m., 2009

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