Dirty Projectors

The New York trio (which adds two members when touring) is as easy to love as Animal Collective and as easy to hate as Vampire Weekend. It depends on how much credence you give to the charge that the Dirty Projector’s mad scientist David Longstreth blatantly rips off his predecessors, such as Frank Zappa, and/or appropriates the music of an entire continent—namely, Africa. To those of us who fall somewhere in the middle of these two warring camps, however, the trio’s arty indie rock—with its lush arrangements, angelic harmonies, and circuitous rhythms—is just uncommonly good music. Before 2009, their efforts had confused and even enraged many, but the pop sensibility the Dirty Projectors injected into Bitte Orca, released in June, converted at least as many as it alienated. With Little Wings. KEVIN CAPP

Wed., Nov. 4, 8 p.m., 2009

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