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Only Cameron Crowe outranked the late John Hughes (1950-2009) on the ’80s youth-movie scene, yet Hughes’ mogul-making ’85 hit lives on as a cult movie. Revisited, it astounds us by its sheer verbiage—who could imagine a teen movie today made of witty repartee? Hughes knew how to use pop music to keep his plotless tale from succumbing to drone. The Brat Pack cast does wonders, including Judd Nelson as Criminal and Molly Ringwald as Princess (the character, Ringwald told me, is a Hughes self-portrait—sensitive, smart, out of place). Crucially, neophyte Hughes had for an editor Dede Allen (Bonnie and Clyde, Wonder Boys). For him, it was like film school. He passed. (R) TIM APPELO

Nov. 6-10, 7 & 9:30 p.m., 2009

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