The Runaway’s Essentials

Bear mace, gay porn, and other items on Colton Harris-Moore’s shopping list.

Teenage boys generally aren't what you would call frugal. But then most teenage boys aren't notorious serial burglars hiding out from police in the wilds and empty vacation homes of their hometowns. Wallets tend to tighten in those situations, stolen credit cards or no. So what exactly did Colton Harris-Moore spend on during his 2007 burglary spree? The essentials, of course. According to an affidavit filed by Island County police, after breaking into the home of one Camano Island resident in January 2007, the so-called "barefoot burglar" used an Internet connection to purchase three containers of bear mace, a computer program called Evidence Eraser, and membership on a male pornography site called The affidavit is unsurprisingly short on context. As a result, questions abound. Do twinks attract bears, requiring some sort of repellent? And how exactly does a teenage legend relax after a long day of evading the cops? Unfortunately, police will actually have to catch Harris-Moore to get any answers.

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