Electric Six

Listening to an Electric Six album is a bit like turning your iPod on shuffle – take the band’s sixth record, Kill. The songs nonchalantly jump from wailing grunge to the organ-riffing “My Idea of Fun” to the disco flavor of “Body Shot.” But what cements Electric Six’s sound together is the same thing that’s been garnering Kill a ton of enthusiastic reviews – its aggressive and frenzied energy, commandeered by lead singer Dick Valentine’s flamboyant vocals. Lyrically, Valentine’s songwriting is infamously peculiar – “Steal Your Bones” is about cloning his lover (“Evolution rolls the dice/ But we can be so much more precise”) – and he frequently employs head-scratching metaphors that rank rhyme higher than coherence (“Come a little closer/ Be my Kenny Rogers roaster”). But no matter. The oddities are all wrapped up nicely on “One Sick Puppy,” in which Valentine howls, “I got into rock and roll ‘cause I’m one sick puppy.” With the Gay Blades and Millions of Brazillions. E. THOMPSON

Sun., Nov. 15, 8 p.m., 2009

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