Parallels between the musical style of composer John Luther Adams and the landscape surrounding him—Alaska, where he’s lived for 30 years—are easy to draw: spaciousness, icy-clear grandeur, profound silence, thunderous and elemental outbursts, rawness, delicacy, stark and startling loveliness. (Not only does his music evoke his environment, it’s also controlled by that environment: Alex Ross has written intriguingly about Adams’ The Place Where You Go to Listen, an installation where digital seismological and biomagnetic information collected at research stations is converted via computer into an ever-changing soundscape.) Three of Adams’ works will be heard tonight on a concert, produced by Nonsequitur, devoted to him. Pianist Cristina Valdes will play Among Red Mountains, in which craggy pile-ups of two-fisted chords build into airily sonorous sound-clouds, and Nunataks. Steven Schick will play The Mathematics of Resonant Bodies for percussion and processed sound. The hour-long work’s eight movement titles: Burst, Rumble, Shimmer, Roar, Thunder, Wail, Crash, Stutter. GAVIN BORCHERT

Sat., Nov. 21, 8 p.m., 2009

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