Happy accidents have been the origins of some of the world’s greatest recipes, discoveries and a majority of its siblings. In what could have been the greatest of uh-oh moments, a mis-shared computer file, Canadian electro-hop duo Thunderheist were born. Best known for their track ‘Jerk It” featured in the Wrestler, and its video (produced by Seattle team That-Go) which won the Grand Jury Prize at SXSW ’09, producer Graham Zilla and MC Isis began their collaboration via the Internet, when she accidentally received an incomplete MP3 of a Zilla track and rhymed over it, making musical magic. The act’s self titled debut is chalk full of infectious dance grooves, clever rhymes and a smart, party vibe that can turn your boring shindig into an off the hook freak fest with just one press of the play button. Catch them while they are still flirting with the underground. With Winter Gloves, DJ Colby B. MA'CHELL DUMA LAVASSAR

Thu., Nov. 19, 8 p.m., 2009

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