Jaguar Love

Wrought from the ashes of the Blood Brothers by Cody Votolato and Johnny Whitney, Jaguar Love first employed ex-Pretty Girls Make Graves guitarist Jay Clark as well. The Portland outfit has since scaled back to a two-man core, and in the wake of last year’s self-titled EP and album Take Me To The Sea on Matador, signed to Fat Possum. In advance of next year’s John Goodmanson-helmed second album – titled Hologram Jams, according to Goodmanson’s site – the band is giving away the track “Up All Night” at It’s a real corker, all throbbing dance beat, flitting synths, and bratty refrain. It’s also a sort of throwback to the Faint’s glory days, breaking down New Wave and rebuilding it with left-field aplomb. Make no mistake – Whitney’s gender-bending, high-wire vocals will make many listeners bristle – but Jaguar Love knows how to have fun without dumbing things down. DOUG WALLEN

Wed., Nov. 25, 8 p.m., 2009

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