If playing drunken house shows were a lucrative enterprise, Vancouver duo Japandroids would quickly corner the market. Unfortunately, fun as it is playing in crowded, sweaty party houses, parties can’t sustain a career. But Brian King and David Prowse of Japandroids succeed in bringing the feel of a house show to your local venue – their shows are all about the energy level – shouts, grunts, and other moments of ecstasy match their surging, tumultuous music. The songs from this year’s Post-Nothing contain catchy guitar riffs and the occasional deft verse; it’s nothing that will blow your mind on the basis of sheer musicianship or lyrical prowess, but in true punk spirit, it’s more about the cacophony of it all. Brian Kings’s onstage theatrics can border on absurdity (he’s been known to set a fan in front of his mike stand that blows his hair back throughout the show), but once the house is packed and the noise starts, you’ll be ready to drink away any apprehensions you have about sloppy punk rock. With Surfer Blood. All ages. E. THOMPSON

Tue., Dec. 1, 8 p.m., 2009

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