LONDON – After a series of mishaps at recent concerts in the United Kingdom – including an on-stage collapse and subsequent hospitalization in Swindon due to respiratory problems, and the abrupt cancellation of a performance in Liverpool after he was hit in the head with a beverage thrown from the audience –singer Morrissey says his outlook on life has changed. “I used to be so cheerful, so happy-go-lucky, a firm believer in the power of love and the goodness and decency of my fellow man,” says the ex-Smiths frontman, who’s currently touring behind a new B-sides compilation, Swords. “But now I’m just so dour and cynical and wry and morose and, quite frankly, difficult to be around. I’ve become more guarded, more private. I’ve even stopped eating meat. Before all of this happened, I would sing ‘Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now’ just for laughs, but gosh, now I really feel that way.” Morrissey adds that he fears a backlash from his fanbase. “Before you know it, they’ll be rushing onstage to tackle me, or tearing my shirts to bits if I throw them out into the crowd.” MICHAEL ALAN GOLDBERG

Sun., Nov. 29, 7:30 p.m., 2009

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