Diverse as it is, this city’s metal could really use some more progressive thrash artists, and luckily a few are starting to fight their way to the surface. Dog Shredder is a relatively new project featuring guitarist Josh Holland and drummer Noah Burns, who used to head up Bellingham ‘s arty, instrumental, thrash rock outfit, Cicadas. They pricked quite a few ears during a recent Sunset Tavern show, and their roughly hewn demo hints at an amalgamation of elegant arrangements buttressed precariously by a churning undercurrent of sludgey bass and scattershot drums. This will be an interesting (if potentially schizophrenic) pairing with the more down-tempo tone of San Francisco’s Grayceon, which features cellist/ethereal vocalist Jackie Perez Gratz, best known for her role in Amber Asylum, and Heiress, the post-Himsa hardcore project helmed by John Pettibone. With Heiress, the Abodox. HANNAH LEVIN

Thu., Dec. 3, 9:30 p.m., 2009

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