Bob Saget

The shock of hearing Bob Saget say “fuck” has worn off. The Full House star’s transition from sitcom dad to filthy comic was once the Gen Y equivalent of a soft-core second act for Ward Cleaver. But now, after directing Norm McDonald’s raunchy Dirty Work and appearing in The Aristocrats, Saget dropping the f-bomb feels as ho-hum as watching him host America’s Funniest Home Videos. Been there, done that. But today, what Mark Kate and Ashley’s fake dad lacks in shock value, he makes up for in creativity. As his recent HBO special proved, Sagat’s clock-punching days in prime gave him an expert sense of where the line between decency and outrage lies—and when to cross it. He may no longer be the milquetoast father you grew up with, but the comedian who’s taken his place is a whole lot more fucking funny. CALEB HANNAN

Sat., Dec. 12, 9 p.m., 2009

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