Denmark’s Mew gives prog-rock a good name – their 2005 release, And the Glass Handed Kite, a critical success, was atmospheric and moody in a beautifully spacey way. Despite its melancholy poem of a title, this year’s No More Stories/ Are Told Today/ I’m Sorry/ They Washed Away/ No More Stories/ The World is Grey/ I’m Tired/ Let’s Wash Away is actually brighter, lighter, and even more earnest than previous efforts. On “Sometimes Life Isn’t Easy,” frontman Jonas Bjerre accurately sings, “Don’t you know sometimes/ When it feels like someone put a hex on you?” – and the music that accompanies his words is, in fact, spellbinding. Backed by springy synths, clean dance beats, and the occasional hard-rock riff, songs like “Beach” and “Repeaterbeater” have a simplicity that makes them engaging – the songs are ardent but avoid being bombastic. Mew is definitely a band that takes itself very seriously – a fact that could be annoying if their songs weren’t so huge and so cinematic. E. THOMPSON

Thu., Dec. 10, 8 p.m., 2009

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