Pierced Arrows

It's true: Fred and Toody Cole are punk icons. The Portland married couple's first band, Dead Moon, released 17 albums, has been covered by Pearl Jam, and was known for its garage-meets-country-meets-punk sound. The band broke up in 2006, but it didn't exactly die. Instead, it was reborn as Pierced Arrows, which is essentially Dead Moon Redux. (There's a different drummer, but the Coles are still front and center.) Maybe Pierced Arrows is a little more garage and little less punk, but no one except diehard Dead Moon fans will notice. But maybe it doesn't matter if the Coles are retreading old ground when they're the only ones doing it well these days. There's just not that many true punk bands left, so the Coles are charged with keeping the dream--and the sound--alive. With Cripples, the Chemicals, Thee Headliners, Don’t. Photo courtesy of Jessica. PAIGE RICHMOND

Fri., Dec. 11, 9:30 p.m., 2009

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