Christmas Pageant and Midnight Mass

The supposed innocence of the Blue Moon’s sixth annual Christmas Pageant and Midnight Mass begins and ends with the timing (Christmas Eve) and title, which turns out to be so tongue-in-cheek that tongue and cheek can no longer be discerned from each another. “Basically it’s a Satanic parody of the whole Christian pageant,” explains Blue Moon owner Gus Hellthaler. It’s also “the drunkest midnight mass you’ve ever seen in your life,” says Blue Moon booker Jason Josephes, who came up with the concept. Hellthaler explains that the event is “more performance art than a straight musical performance”—but there will certainly be music, courtesy of the Christmas Belles and others. Additionally, Josephes promises that the evening’s proceedings will feature “a face-off between Jesus and Satan,” a puppet show, $4 eggnog cocktails, and a pre-show happy hour with DJ Country Mike, who will be spinning Christmas classics. But even in light of this potential spectacle, it’s hard to imagine this event will be more debauched than the Moon’s traditional all-day happy hour on Monday January 4 (mark your calendars). It will commemorate, in Hellthaler’s words, “the passing of St. Thomas Aquinas Carr,” the outgoing city attorney, whom the Blue Moon blames for its near-shutdown in 2006. (21 and over.) MIKE SEELY

Thu., Dec. 24, 4 p.m., 2009

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