The Corner

Candidt, the swami of the local hip-hop scene, founded his monthly showcase of Seattle's extensive rap talent, "The Corner," with the idea of mixing the well-known with the unknown. Held monthly at the Jewelbox Theater inside the Rendezvous, the event is an in-your-face live concert–meets–house party, featuring the kind of no-holds-barred performances given only by those who've yet to hit the big time. So, yeah, it's heated by passionate energy. During any given edition, you'll catch the local scene's klieg-lit names rhyming on the same stage with those whose reps have yet to extend much beyond the borders of their bedroom studios. And that, more than the free-flowing booze, is what makes Candidt's creation fun. This Christmas edition of The Corner features none other than Khingz (pictured), Orbitron, Jarv Dee, (of BAYB and Cloudnice), DJ Nanino and, yes, Santa Clause, who hopefully won't be too tired out from delivering toys to spit a few verses. KEVIN CAPP

Fri., Dec. 25, 10 p.m., 2009

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