Gladiators Eat Fire

Located somewhere along the noisy, experimental continuum that stretches from the Blood Brothers to Future of the Left, local racket-makers Gladiators Eat Fire are doing some pretty fearless work. The cleverly titled songs on their debut EP, Keep the Beat Alive, vacillate wildly from feral frenzies of punk discord (“It’s Awake-O-Clock, Bitch”) to more hushed, exploratory soundscapes (“The Porter”). They also have a fetching, philanthropic side: you can download the digital EP for free via, but if you purchase a hard copy at a show, they donate the proceeds to Rising Out of the Shadows, a nonprofit agency that serves the homeless population in the University District. With Poop Attack, 26,000 Volts, Last American Badass. All ages. HANNAH LEVIN

Sat., Jan. 2, 7 p.m., 2010

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