Near the vanguard of the vaunted new wave (or whatever you wanna call ‘em) that crashed tsunami-like through the gates of the Seattle hip-hop scene this year is Helladope. Comprised of Tay Sean and Jerm, the duo’s closest antecedent is another, though all-female, duo, THEESatisfaction. Indeed, last I heard, the ladies lived with Sean. At any rate, all four dropped at least one track together called, “Thee Trip,” a cosmos-exploring freakfest that has alien-visitor quality of Lil’ Wayne and Outkast. And that’s what Helladope is all about on its d’09 disc, Return to Planet Rock: rocket-propelled blasts into the groovy spaces between jazz, hip-hop and electronic music. With Suntonio Bandanaz. KEVIN CAPP

Wed., Dec. 30, 9 p.m., 2009

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