The rampant, virtually unchecked spread of tribal casinos is apt to polarize moralists and economists alike. On the one hand, it’s no doubt been a boon to tribal coffers—and lord knows the pilgrims owe the natives a few gazillion dollars in blood money from way back when. On the other hand, it’s gambling, an addictive endeavor in which the house never loses. But one bit of undeniable good that’s come out of the tribal casino explosion is that their showrooms have kept entertainers like Gordon Lightfoot, Eddie Money, Smokey Robinson, Ronnie Milsap, 38 Special, and the Little River Band out on the road in the cold-weather months, when country fairs aren’t an option. Everybody wins when these guys work: Boomers feel young again; and aging musicians are able to pay for their health care and fix their tour buses. And now, Loverboy joins the oldies parade. Here’s your chance to hear “Turn Me Loose” and “Working for the Weekend” once again, as sung by Mike Reno, whom we hope will wear his leather pants and ubiquitous bandana. It’ll be like a farewell to the ’80s and ’00s at the same time. (Raeann’s Groove opens; 21 and over.) MIKE SEELY

Thu., Dec. 31, 8 p.m., 2009

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