So you know that whole "softening of Sub Pop" stuff was/is baloney, right? Sure, several hyphen-wielding critics over the past decade have noted the label's drift toward bands that boast gentle guitars and angelic harmonies. But just when you think they've gone all pansy, they sling some real ear-punishers (think Wolf Eyes). That's where AFCGT come in; the label will release their self-titled LP next year. Less a collaboration than an amalgamation, AFCGT is local bands A Frames and Climax Golden Twins welded together for a giant sonic deathfuck. Volume and intensity are key--AFCGT takes the concept of "rock music" and bludgeons it like rowdy primates. Elements of no-wave repetition, obscure foreign sounds, and free jazz impulses all collide head-on. It's an accident you can't turn away from. With Our Love Will Destroy The World, Great Falls, Dull Knife. BRIAN J. BARR

Sat., Jan. 9, 9:30 p.m., 2010

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