Mobile Deathcamp

Mobile Deathcamp is very nearly the sound of pure aggression. Ostensibly a speed/thrash metal outfit, this power trio only allows the melodic aspects of those genres to come to the fore to gasp a quick breath, perhaps offering a 20 second burst of arpeggiated shredding before diving back beneath the pile-driving pulse of crunching, frequently indecipherable riffs and chain-gun drumming. In its extreme character, Mobile Deathcamp actually manages to position itself as a potential genre-jumper. When you take as your starting point the simple premise of playing music that sounds like you equipped your adrenal gland with electric guitars and heavy amplification, the boundaries of like-minded musical styles become instantly blurred. While Mobile Deathcamp might associate most closely with the metal underground, this music fits nearly as well played alongside many of the more stridently anti-pop ends of the punk spectrum, and could easily assimilate with industrial soundscapes. Of course, that kind of faceless aggression won’t land MD any nods from the white-belted pseudo-metallers who have embraced the more experimental denizens of the metalverse in the past decade, but something tells me that Todd Evans, nee Beefcake the MIghty, won’t mind. With Drown Mary, Darkest Grace, Plaster, HeadShot. All ages. NICHOLAS HALL

Fri., Jan. 8, 8 p.m., 2010

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