Le Sang Song

Le Sang Song is the solo guise of Seattle’s Craig Chambers, who also fronts the noise-garage duo Love Tan and the more brittle trio the Lights. Although Chambers recorded the project’s self-titled debut in 2007, it’s only now seeing official release. That’s thanks to the decade-old local label Dragnet, which was resurrected just for this occasion. Limited to a vinyl pressing of 660, the album will hopefully find a curious audience via online word of mouth. Le Sang Song recalls early Smog in the best ways, tapping into something cryptic and insular on “Ring Ring” and “Gingerella.” “Hot Reggae” melds a gurgling beat and repeated guitar riff, while “War” is more old-soul folk, underscored with lonesome violin and whistling. Buttressed by Climax Golden Twins, this record release show features Le Sang Song’s live incarnation, a quartet with Love Tan drummer Matthew Ford, Dragnet head Min Yee (of A Frames fame), and Chambers’ wife, Adria Garcia. May it provide the crucial first push this jittery, unique album deserves. With Climax Golden Twins. DOUG WALLEN

Sun., Jan. 17, 10 p.m., 2010

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