First Call: 611 Supreme

Dr. Whiskey, M.D. fills a prescription on Capitol Hill.

The Bar 611 Supreme, 611 E. Pine St., CAPITOL HILLThe Bartender Justin Clark.The Drink An Evan Williams hot toddy: whiskey, honey, cloves, some lemon peel, and a cinnamon stick. "It's my favorite drink for when I'm feeling under the weather," says Clark.The Verdict You know, I'm not a whiskey fan. But this really does do the trick. It clears you up, it's soothing. The whiskey numbs your throat. I encourage people to drink when they're sick—whiskey, especially.The Conversation SW: How many tattoos do you have?JC: It's more like I have one big one that never ends. My goal is to be finished by the time I'm 30. (Justin recently turned 28.) I want to be covered from my waist to my fingertips.SW: Which one hurt the most to get done so far?JC: The palm of my hand.SW: Really? I thought it'd be the face.JC: Nah, I was pretty drunk when I got that. I was partying in New Orleans for Halloween. Now that's a great city—the people, the food, the nightlife. But you probably don't want to stay for more than a week if you don't have very much self-control.SW: Why? Do you have any regrets?JC: The only time I regret the tattoo, or anything really, is on those mornings I'm so hungover that I get into this state where I really start to question my life.SW: I think we've all been there.JC: Yeah, it happens. It's really best to get tattooed sober and on a full stomach. But hey, fuck it—to each his own. Besides, the dumber other people's tattoos are, the better mine will look.First Call is a weekly feature on our food blog, Voracious (, in which we walk into a bar and ask the bartender to make us his or her favorite drink.

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