James Martin

Joining arts and climate is the new photo/essay book Planet Ice (Braided River, $39.95) by local photographer James Martin. A former climbing guide in the North Cascades, he began that sport when glaciers were advancing and the ice was—as mountaineers say—“fat” enough to climb waterfalls in winter. Now, with global warming, almost every glacier in our state (and worldwide) is receding. Most of Martin’s images are from the Alps, Patagonia, Antarctica, and other distant locales. (With, yes, penguins.) But there are also glimpses of Mt. Rainier, the Ptarmigan Traverse and Luna Cirque in the North Cascades. Tonight Martin will show images from the book and discuss the complex dynamic of ice formation (and loss) and meteorology. BRIAN MILLER

Thu., Jan. 21, 7 p.m., 2010

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