Orlando-based ska-funk act the Supervillains certainly aren’t on a mission to raise any IQ points any time soon; in fact, the group’s repeated pro-weed pronouncements make it quite clear that they’re in the business of bubbling off any many brain cells as possible. While the idea of post-Sublime skunk-rock may be somewhat less-than-appealing to those who enjoy keeping their hipster radar on at all times, the Supervillains manage to front a rollicking, party-hearty atmosphere while dishing out some surprisingly intricate, brass-flecked punk jams. Sure, they manage to, er, bluntly squeeze in a reefer reference into nearly every song they play (when they’re not getting stuck in juvenile raunch), but as sellout crowds across the Southeast will attest, these guys bring a ridiculously fun live show. With Mike Pinto, Dat Fiya, Rude Tuna, Camp10. All ages. JASON FERGUSON

Fri., Jan. 22, 7 p.m., 2010

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