First Call: A Shot of Love at Kai’s

No drink menu, but the Sexy Seven is a safe bet.

The Watering Hole Kai's Bistro & Lounge, 1312 N.E. 43rd St. UNIVERSITY DISTRICTThe Atmosphere Located off busy University Way (aka "the Ave"), Kai's is situated in a dark alley and has a neon Stoli sign in the window. It may not look very alluring from the outside, but the inside is cozy and low-key, at the crossroads between a swanky lounge and a dive bar. Ordering a glass of wine or a martini fits in well with the scholarly-looking clientele.The Barkeep A native of Texas, Sirbrina Guerrero is Kai's very own celebrity. She hung out with Tila Tequila on the second season of the bisexual reality dating show A Shot at Love, graced the cover of DList magazine, and even caused an uproar at a Mariners game for kissing her girlfriend in public. In short, Sirbrina Guerrero has a few stories to tell.The Drink You can't order it from the menu—since Kai's doesn't even have a drink menu—but I tried Sirbrina's Sexy Seven: muddled mint and lime, blueberry and raspberry Stoli, simple syrup, triple sec, and cranberry juice.The Verdict Better than any mojito north of the border. But Sirbrina wasn't going to let me leave without a little taste of her Texas roots—a Wetback, a shot of Jose Cuervo followed by a fresh pickle-juice chaser. Sirbrina claims it's "the best shot in the world," and I couldn't agree more. Bravo, Sirbrina—even though you may not have won Tila Tequila's heart, you've gone straight to my head.First Call is a weekly feature on our food blog, Voracious (, in which we walk into a bar and ask the bartender to make us his or her favorite drink.

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