Though Afrobeat has spawned a new generation of bands here in the United States, the overwhelming majority of them sound like Fela Kuti clones, which is understandable. Fela’s imposing legacy is so worthy of worship that genuflection often trumps innovation. Michigan’s Nomo started its career bowing before The Man just like every other group. But over the course of the band’s last two albums, Ghost Rock and last year’s Invisible Cities, it has redefined classic Afrobeat, filtering its core sound through an electronica-based sensibility that’s equal parts Detroit techno, krautrock and Eno-approved ambient music. The horns even skronk with a free-jazz ferocity that you just don’t hear on vintage Fela albums. So yeah, Nomo makes seriously innovative dance music, folks, hypnotic to both mind and body. With Orkestar Zirkonium. JUSTIN F. FARRAR

Fri., Jan. 29, 9:30 p.m., 2010

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